Indo-German collaborations

Indian society is undergoing rapid change, which affects all forms of cooperation. In the economic field, initiatives of the new government such as “Make in India”, “Startup India” or “Invest India” are stimulating new joint ventures that further strengthen Indo-German economic relations. At the same time, the Indian diaspora with entrepreneurs, executives and students in Germany is growing rapidly. This enormous increase in exchange between the two countries calls for current and future cooperation to be proactive. For economic and social cooperation to be as successful, awareness of cultural differences when building personal and business relations should not be left to chance, but should be developed consciously and purposefully. The exotic image of elephants, holy cows or maharajas has little relevance for today’s global collaborations in the business world. What is more important is that all involved parties develop an awareness of culturally different norms and behaviours, and find a common ground despite these differences. Today, companies need preparation that is specifically tailored to their team, or project group as an extended workbench. Generalisation as well as subjective opinions about the country and its people usually only lead to frustration and failure. Unfortunately, the standardised “Do’s & Don’ts” lists have little use in practice. When it comes to business development and expansion, the motto is: You need strategies tailored to your context.

TransCompass accompanies you as you develop the correct strategies with coaching, seminars or workshops to establish and expand your Indo-German business relations and supports you with a wide range of consulting topics in the implementation of your projects in India

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A successful training always has a sound didactic-methodical basis. The didactic is the basis for the content and the methodical approach makes the implementation effective. Learning is a complex process – we therefore use the proven methods of adult education, which not only expand knowledge, but also have an experiential effect. In addition to an up-to-date theoretical input, video examples, simulations as well as analysis of cases are used. Exchange of experiences is an integral part of the sessions. Through a variety of methods we ensure active participation and hence a better learning experience. 

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Invaluable partnerships and collaborations

Common goals and a lively exchange of ideas and experiences are of paramount importance for any growing company. That is why this network of trust, that was built over many years and is constantly developing, is an integral part of our existence.

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