International Team Building

Efficient collaboration between team members working internationally is a key success factor for companies today. Persons working across continents become a powerful team only through a common goal, trust, and strong group cohesion among the members. A complex task!

Depending on the cultural background, members of a multicultural team bring their own understanding of values such as results or process orientation, initiative, dealing with criticism, relationship between other team members or with superiors, or even expectations regarding the personal work-life balance. This makes cross-cultural project management a challenging task. International team building offered by TransCompass in the form of management coaching and team building workshops is one way of optimising this process. Preparation of team members for international collaboration is a proven method to create common understanding of the goal. Building trust, well-coordinated work process, on-site and virtual communication, a common understanding of commitments and agreements create the framework for a well-functioning team.The more clearly this framework gets defined, the more successful and independent the team can act.

Use the synergy potential of international teams


Our method

A successful training always has a sound didactic-methodical basis. The didactic is the basis for the content and the methodical approach makes the implementation effective. Learning is a complex process – we therefore use the proven methods of adult education, which not only expand knowledge, but also have an experiential effect. In addition to an up-to-date theoretical input, video examples, simulations as well as analysis of cases are used. Exchange of experiences is an integral part of the sessions. Through a variety of methods we ensure active participation and hence a better learning experience. 

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This training is also available in a virtual format

Invaluable partnerships and collaborations

Common goals and a lively exchange of ideas and experiences are of paramount importance for any growing company. That is why this network of trust, that was built over many years and is constantly developing, is an integral part of our existence.

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