About me

As founder and Managing Director of TransCompass, I see myself in a bridging function for companies and institutions. The focus of my work is on training & coaching, preparation of executives, developing team-building measures with them and consulting on questions of strategy development in an international, especially Indo-German context.

My many years of corporate experience, my cultural exchange in the USA, in Europe and Japan, and above all my valuable insights as an immigrant and entrepreneur in Germany have had a profound impact on me and my work.

Since the foundation of TransCompass in 2014, I have been collaborating with companies, educational institutions, and agencies with intercultural challenges within the framework of individual consultations and seminars. Over the years, my experience has enabled me to design each project specifically suited to the individual needs of my clients.

my motivation

For me, a sustainable and future-oriented society requires that we not only live together in harmony, but also the synergy potential of different ways of thinking and acting is recognised and used.

Enabling this through my work is my motivation. It is a fulfilling and meaningful task.

Selected milestones

Active collaboration with partners in India and entrepreneurs in Germany 

Lectures and participation in panel discussions at the Indian Consulate in Frankfurt and at “GIRT” German Indian Roundtable Conference

Part of the intercultural trainer certification programme of IKUD-Seminars

Experience as research associate and lecturer at the Department of German Studies, German as a Foreign and Second Language at the University of Kassel, Germany

Conceptual participation in the project InterKomFach (intercultural communication in the subject) at the University of Kassel, Germany

Trainer at BINOCULUS – Bosch Institute for Cultures and Languages at the Robert Bosch Company in India


TransCompass continues to grow

An exciting phase for every company. Further steps with new projects. On to new shores!

the years2017 - 2018


This is followed by projects, networking, advanced training and much more. An intensive work phase with many ups and downs – an important milestone for learning


Frankfurt as a location

TransCompass moves to Frankfurt. A global hub for business


Founding of TransCompass

TransCompass is founded in Kassel. The first projects follow in about ten months’ time

When an immigrant becomes an entrepreneur

Each story is unique…

… and so is mine. I studied well, made sure that I always had good grades and got a secure job with a large corporation after my graduation. Just the way it should be. Classic, linear – aligned with the norms. When I wanted to immigrate to Germany for my master’s programme after almost ten years of a well-paid secure job, it was well doubted by many. Just pack your bags and leave?

At almost the end of one’s twenties, a woman should think of more important goals in life. In addition to this, pursue a degree in humanities? Supposedly a recipe for an odd, difficult path. Fundamentally and critically questioning the norms has not been new to me. A consequence of my upbringing, thanks to my parents, my teachers and mentors who influenced my way of thinking.

I am almost in my late thirties now and have both feet firmly planted in life as an entrepreneur. My company is growing and thriving, I have interesting projects coming up, inspiring people to work with, mentoring and learning as a mentee, and many fulfilling aspects that definitely outweigh the stressful and challenging aspects that are just as much a part of the undertaking.

This is my attempt to encourage those, especially immigrant women, who are considering taking control of their own destiny. If self-determination is important to you and if you want to realise your idea, be confident that you will not just manage it but thrive doing the same!

Invaluable partnerships and collaborations

Common goals and a lively exchange of ideas and experiences are of paramount importance for any growing company. That is why this network of trust, that was built over many years and is constantly developing, is an integral part of our existence.

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