Training, Workshops & Seminare

This section will give you an overview of trainings, workshops, and seminars we offer. These can also be organised inhouse at your location.

International Team Building

Depending on the cultural background, members of a multicultural team bring their own understanding of values such as results or process orientation, initiative, dealing with criticism, relationship between other team members or with superiors, or even expectations regarding the personal work-life balance. This makes cross-cultural project management a challenging task. International team building offered by TransCompass in the form of management coaching and team building workshops is one way of optimising this process. Preparation of team members for international collaboration is a proven method to create common understanding of the goal.

Fit for the job market

To be able to operate successfully in a culturally different environment, it is essential to acquire intercultural skills that go beyond the necessary technical knowledge. After all, the way we develop solutions, communicate, or understand certain values of the work culture depend on individual socialisation and hence on the culture. You gain insights into the work culture in Germany and acquire intercultural competencies for your professional success. You learn to deal with challenging communication situations. This training is aimed at foreign professionals who enter a culturally different working environment in Germany.

Indo-German collaborations

The exotic image of elephants, holy cows or maharajas has little relevance for today’s global collaborations in the business world. What is more important is that all involved parties develop an awareness of culturally different norms and behaviours, and find a common ground despite these differences. Today, companies need preparation that is specifically tailored to their team, or project group as an extended workbench. TransCompass accompanies you as you develop the correct strategies with coaching, seminars or workshops to establish and expand your Indo-German business relations and supports you with a wide range of consulting topics in the implementation of your projects in India

Internationalisation of universities

Universities in Germany today are globalised institutions. The process of internationalisation brings with it new challenges regarding the organisation of everyday university life. This applies not just to individual students from all over the world, but also to every institution involved in the process of internationalisation. Teaching and learning traditions differ, communication processes take place differently, understanding of time and hierarchy is different. It is only through intercultural competence this process of internationalisation can be brought forward.


To design seminars and training courses effectively, it is important not to take “control” of the group, but rather to methodically structure the event in such a way that the participants have a successful learning experience. TransCompass provides you with the didactic and methodological tools to design effective, activity based and most importantly practical training courses and seminars. Your impact as a trainer is of crucial importance for the group process.

Invaluable partnerships and collaborations

Common goals and a lively exchange of ideas and experiences are of paramount importance for any growing company. That is why this network of trust, that was built over many years and is constantly developing, is an integral part of our existence.

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