What is TransCompass?

Your partner in training & strategy development for your global business

What do we aim to achieve?

Shaping the global cultural change with you for synergistic collaborations

What are our values?

Mutual appreciation, empathy and efficacy are firmly anchored in our existence and in our actions

Shaping the global cultural shift

All interpersonal interactions take place on three levels, each with different characteristics. There is a universally human, an individual and a cultural level to each interaction we have.

We, as human beings are in pursuit of happiness, want to be recognized for our work, need motivation, and have an imagination. This universal level connects us – with all people on this earth! The second level is that of our socialisation. It is particularly often the trigger for misunderstandings and conflicts, but at the same time offers the potential to build bridges through sensitisation and mutual understanding. The third level is our individual personality. It makes us unique and stems from the mixture of our experiences and how we have been raised, who and what influenced us and several further factors. When the aim is to promote diversity, one needs to analyse all these three levels in the respective context.

Culture is an extremely complex term and hence intercultural competencies cannot just be limited to country-specific know-how. Culture is often perceived only in the context of that country. The term can be defined in many ways. Those who work for a start-up company represent a different “culture” than the employees of a corporate group. Depending on socialisation – whether in a country, an institution or in the family – we represent different values that underlie our behaviour. To bring these different imprints into a productive exchange so that intercultural diversity becomes an impulse for synergies and innovation, we need certain competencies. TransCompass supports you in developing these intercultural competences for successful communication. We develop individual seminar concepts and strategy recommendations for specific intercultural issues according to your objectives.

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We are a dynamic company with clear goals. We wish to work with you to help shape the processes of change in acquiring competencies in today’s globalised world. Get to know us better. We look forward to getting to know you!

Invaluable partnerships and collaborations

Common goals and a lively exchange of ideas and experiences are of paramount importance for any growing company. That is why this network of trust, that was built over many years and is constantly developing, is an integral part of our existence.

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